Thursday, 2 February 2017

10 Benefits of being UGLY

10 Benefits of being UGLY


Yes, there is, I’m not trying to be sarcastic

In life nothing is totally useless! Everything’s got its own benefits.

I know you are like STWOP IITTTTT

For instance, no matter how useless you are you can still be use as example for kids that want to become useless.

For example:
 Mom: Do you want to be useless like that brother
Son: No

So here are some benefits for being UGLY

oya we are listening

1. If someone compliment you on a talent, 
you know it must be genuine

2.       If someone laugh at your joke, it must be really funny 

3.       Your phone battery last longer

 When the only thing you check is facebook who is chatting you up

4.  When you walk alone at night you don’t have to be bothered 
about people following you or harassing you